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The Reddit/Twitter GPT Newsletter is available with all subscriptions, including the Free Plan. This powerful automated tool combines the collective wisdom of Reddit and Twitter to provide valuable insights and trends. Using advanced AI capabilities, it identifies trending stocks on both platforms, consolidates comments from passionate communities, and utilizes ChatGPT to generate concise summaries. With a comprehensive email newsletter delivered straight to your inbox every day, you can make well-informed investment decisions and unlock the full potential of your portfolio. Stay ahead of the curve with the Reddit/Twitter GPT Newsletter.

Users can access the Reddit/Twitter GPT Newsletter by signing up for any subscription plan, including the Free Plan

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If you are a developer, we have a Step-by-Step Video Course explaining exactly how the Reddit/Twitter GPT Newsletter is built. You'll learn to use PRAW, the Twitter API, and the OpenAI API. You'll also learn how to send emails with Python, basic logging, and how to upload files to s3. Get The Course Here